Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Comment: "Outcome Based Learning".

By Marie Lardino, M.Ed
Voice Integrative School

     Picture us (adults) fixated on the appropriate timing of 'outcome based learning'. Picture us assigning achievement levels, worrying about learning differences and then labelling these as "learning disabilities". Picture us focusing on grades, measuring IQs, and attempting to fit intellect into a tidy, standardized achievement box that we ourselves created.

Now picture children involved in the task of doing and re-doing. Imagine them inventing, creating, exploring, evaluating, problem solving and sharing their discoveries. Imagine them building and rebuilding ideas, and then reflecting on their findings; all the while, picture them engaging in the learning process through their own distinct style, unmeasurable creativity and unquestionable uniqueness.

Now doesn't all this make the idea of “pass or fail” seem ridiculous? 

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