Thursday, 24 January 2013


Posted by Marie Lardino

This is what some of our Gr. 4-8 students said when they were asked to write down their thoughts on what "a good education" means to them. The following excerpts convey the opinions of our students without the help of teachers. They have not been edited.

When the teachers interact and connect with the students and they take all of our ideas into account when planning field trips or school projects. That is a good education.
Gr. 6

It's about going into a more worldwide education. Other countries should have more advanced schooling like in Toronto. I believe that they should build more schools like VOICE.
Gr. 7

Having nice and thoughtful teachers to help and teach you is an essential part of a good education. Having nice and fun classmates to work with is important, because it will influence our attitude in the class.
Gr. 4

Education has been a major part of our society for hundreds of years if not thousands of years. But the education has not always been very good. A good education is clear when every kind of student can learn the information in the way that their brain learns. For example, some people are visual learners...., some people are hands on learners..... It is also a good education when a student feels comfortable with their environment because they are not afraid to ask questions if they don't understand.
Gr. 7

I think a good education is when you have fun learning.
Gr. 6

To me a good education is friendly and helpful peers and teachers that always help and answer questions and homework that is fairly hard.
Gr. 6

I think a good education is being able to learn in a safe environment with friendly people. Also, I think a good education is being able to learn with grownups (like teachers) that you can talk to and know they will listen. It's about not being afraid of higher power!
Gr. 6

A good education is not just about learning what the curriculum or the book tells you to learn. It's about what you discover or what you figure out on your own. Curiosity is the key to education.
Gr. 8

I believe a good education is simple and inclusive learning with interactive and fun projects. When the teacher engages with the students, that's what a good education is.
James D
Gr. 6

A good education is when the teachers understand, help, relate and have fun with the students. You also need to feel at home. You need to ask feel trusted and trust the teachers and learn in a safe environment. You have to feel welcome every day you come in.
Gr. 8

When you're able to challenge yourself, when you have something to work on, but not challenge yourself too hard, that is a a good education. In order to learn well, you should find a way to stay focused (i.e. your friends are talking to you, so to avoid getting distracted, move somewhere else or ask them to stop nicely).
Gr. 4

A good education is when you have a passionate teacher that wants to help you learn and cares about you. But to have a good education, the student has to care and want to learn. For a teacher to do their job, the student has to concentrate to create a respectful and safe environment too.
Gr. 8

In my point, a good education is not only academics, but social and life skills too.
Gr. 5

It is the information that will really help you move forward in future endeavours.
Gr. 8

A good education is not just knowing what is in the book. It is knowing what is behind it, what makes it work, understanding it. It is about learning lessons through the trials of learning. A good education is one that gives you hope.
Gr. 8

A good education challenges you to expand your knowledge.
Gr. 8

When the teacher can speak with a child without patronizing but instead showing ways to improve or get better, this is a good education. I think that kids should have a voice in the school work and be heard by the teacher. I wish more schools around the world did this. All together, a good education is where the students feel as comfortable as the teachers, and the teachers help the students and make them feel heard.
Gr. 7

The pros and cons of a good education remain in the hands of each student. I believe that children work and participate better when they enjoy what they are doing. Also, my idea of a good education is more hands on learning. I believe this will intrigue the students. They will think it is a fun activity and they will absorb the information better because thy are enjoying themselves.
Gr. 7

If a teacher does her part in your education and you do an equal part, that's what a good education is all about.
Gr. 7

Every student has a different intellect, emotional background and life, and depending on the student, the teacher must adapt to his/her needs.When a teacher can connect with the students, find techniques to help students remember concepts, and teach the kids in different environments and with different resources, the class will succeed. Leaning in a safe, comfortable environment is essential!
Gr. 7

I think the most important part of getting a good education is cooperating and having teachers and students work well together.
Gr. 6

In a good school, the teachers will teach you to find a voice. In a good school, the students will be taught to dream.
Gr. 6

In my eyes, learning/education has the same meaning as mistakes. It's ok to make mistakes.
Gr. 6

Education comes in two different ways; academics and life skills. Those two ways are equally important and both equally need to be taught properly, to ensure that the person gets a well rounded education. While your academic mind makes good wealth, your life skills do everything else; they make you safe.
Gr. 6

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